Lightning Ridge Opal Mining

Lightning Ridge Opal Mining

Lightning Ridge Opal MiningTake a look underground at Lightning Ridge and see some videos of amazing opals here (video interview below) Visit opalmine shop here

Lightning Ridge Opal Mining Lightning Ridge Opal Mining Lightning Ridge Opal Mining Lightning Ridge Opal Mining

This series of pictures were taken at the location of the first Lightning Ridge Opal Mining venture. The opal mine was dug by Charles Nettleton in 1902

Have you heard of Lightning Ridge opal mining? Well, most people familiar with the opal industry here in Australia and overseas have heard of this place, particularly if they know about the famous opal that comes from there, namely, black opal.

But that’s about as far as it goes. Who has the time or inclination to brave the 1000km trip from the coastal towns of Australia, or indeed from somewhere tens of thousands of miles away in New York, or California, or Berlin for that matter?

The Internet and Video has changed the face of Lightning Ridge Opal Mining

At, not only will you be able to visit the town, the surrounding areas, the opal mines, the people, but you will be able to go down the holes themselves without the risk of the ‘roof’ falling in on you as the local miners have to be careful of each time they dig.

In this section of the opalmine site, we are going to introduce you to one of our mates, ‘Butch’ who is currently mining in the shallow opal field of the ‘Nine Mile’, one of the old fields at Lightning Ridge. Butch has opted to go back to opal diggings that were attempted back at the turn of the century to find pockets of areas that the old miners might have missed.

Right now his attempt at Lightning Ridge Opal Mining is yielding a few results, but not nearly enough to cover expenses at this point. Still, the color found is promising.

Lightning Ridge Opal Mining – Underground with ‘Butch’

An interview underground with a really nice guy. Not all opal miners will let you go underground and film what they are doing but Butch is such an open-hearted guy who is not a greedy type. He is willing to share his knowledge with all and in the meantime no doubt he will be rewarded by doing lots of business with folks who appreciate his nice personality. Butch is keen to support the opal industry first, and his own interests second. Please look below at the interview:

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