Opal Bracelets in the Fashion World

Opal Bracelets in the Fashion World
solid free form crystal opal bracelet

Opal Bracelets in the fashion world

Opal Bracelets in the Fashion World: The wrist is another of those areas of the human body that is seen easily by anyone unless you have long loose sleeves.

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Bracelets of all kinds and shapes have been designed and worn over hundreds of years of time. plain gold and silver bangles. Bracelets made of coconut fiber, wood, plastic, stainless steel, to name just a few mediums used for wrist decoration. Opal bracelets have long been used for this purpose.

Attaching gemstones to bangles or bracelets is nearly as old as human life on earth. Back in Mesopotamia, the Princess of Ur was decked out in a combination of gold, lapis, carnelian, and other precious and (now) semi-precious gemstones.

Opal Bracelets and other gemstones

The practice of wearing opal gemstones with bracelets is also well established. Most of the early bracelets featured flat doublet opals with hand-beaten jewelry pieces featuring small flowers and filigree work. Opal bracelets such as these would be almost impossible to afford nowadays considering the costs of employing a designer and a jeweler to do the job.

Fortunately for all opal bracelet jewelry lovers, the practice of calibrating opals has been perfected in the modern world, which means that you don’t always have to hand make the jewelry piece to fit the opal. You can do it the other way round. That is, the opals are made to set calibrations or sizes and these stones can be fitted to the standard shaped bracelets.

Opal bracelets made from calibrated triplets

Opal triplets are very popular for this use. They are manufactured in many popular sizes, for example, 8×6, 9×7, 10×8, 14×10, 18×13. At opalmine.com there is a wide variety of these interesting designs in gold or silver metal to choose from. Of course with the price of Gold nowadays, it’s outside what a lot of people can afford, so silver is a great option, and it can be plated with pure gold to give the gold effect if desired, or left in its silver state and plated with rhodium to stop it tarnishing. Examples of different types of gemstones

Opal bracelets, the perfect wrist decoration

Opal bracelets can be worn all the time, or just for special events. Opal bracelets come in many varieties and colors and you can own a few of them without too much expense to match whatever outfit you are wearing. Surely, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, the wrist is just waiting to be decorated, and opal bracelets are the perfect way of doing just that.

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