Opal Jewelry Designs

Opal Jewelry Designs
This black opal pendant free form has sold

Opal Jewelry Designs

Opal Jewelry Designs: Opal is a gemstone that lends itself to unique designs because of it multitude of colors and shapes

Some designs examples are at the bottom of this page

Please leave a message below if you would like assistance in designing your own opal jewelry. If you want, you can just scribble down some ideas and send it to us by email.

Just either take a picture of your design with a macro (close up) camera or if you have a scanner, scan it in and send it to us by email attachment.

We will then complete the rough design and send it back to you for verification before giving you a quote to build the jewelry. You are under no obligation to have us make it.

You can get it done by your own jeweler if you like. we are pleased to help if we can. Let us know if you need help with any of this.

Send us your own opal jewelry design ideas

If you like you can do your own drawing. Again it doesn’t have to be in perspective. In fact, it can be really rough with just a few strokes of the pencil to give us an idea of what you are thinking.

We can take your rough drawing and adapt it to the best way of presenting the stone, keeping in mind that opal has to be set the right way up in order to get the full effect of the change of color that takes place. We then take a picture of our design and email it back to you. You can then criticize it or add something to it so that we come up with exactly what you want.

Opal Jewelry Design Help

Opal Jewelry Designs
Yowah boulder opal silver pendant

Remember, we are here to help and please you and never be concerned about feeling obligated to buy anything even if we do a design for you and you decide against it.

We will do our very best for you and if this results in the sale of one of our opals or opal jewelry, we are happy. If not, we are still happy that you gave us the opportunity.

Jewelry Designs For Opal Often Begin With a Simple Idea

Maybe you are just looking at the clouds, or flicking through a jewelry magazine, or a fashion brochure. You might like one or two aspects of a piece of jewelry.

You can often adapt these ideas to your own creative ability. If so, just doodle and keep the bits of paper in your pocket for future reference.

If you have your own idea email it to us

Its so simple nowadays to take a picture of what you have done with your phone camera, or better still a better quality camera with a macro facility, and attach them to an email for us to check. You can also scan them if you have a scanner. We can often make additional suggestions and come up with something really different.

Opal Jewelry Designs
Boulder Opal Post design pendant – sketch

So you can see that designing opal jewelry is really very similar to designing anything. You just have to think about it a lot. sometimes when you have nothing to do. Perhaps waiting for a bus or sitting in a coffee shop. Some of my best ideas have developed from a serviette in a restaurant, so be sure to carry a pen with you.

Just like snowflakes, there is really no end to the shapes and patterns that can be utilized in opal, or for that matter, and kind of gemstone design. Just use your imagination.

Opal Jewelry Designs
Rebecca is one of our visitors to the Opalmine. She has some great ideas for opal design
Opal Jewelry Designs
This is just a raw drawing as you can see
Opal Jewelry Designs
But this is what it looks like when complete
Opal Jewelry Designs
This is just a simple design. The uniqueness of the natural boulder opal is enough to make a statement

opal jewelry design video





Opal Jewelry Design Video

13 thoughts on “Opal Jewelry Designs

  1. Hi, I was given an opal about 30years ago, it’s cut & polished. I am wanting to have it set into a high set gold & diamond ring I have. Are you able to this? Thankyou Donna

    1. Donna, regarding your opal, where do you live? Peter

  2. hello there, i have seen a design i really like and i am planning to make one my self can i get into trouble stealing the design?

    1. ayyoob ..no problems. maybe you can post your work on this forum when its complete. i’m sure folks would like to see it. do you have the opal to set? if you need help with photography just click on the link.

  3. Hi,

    If I have an original idea for jewelry design, what steps do I need to take to protect it – in order that the person I am submitting it to will not steal my idea? In today’s crazy world, I just have to know that I will be safe.

    Thank you.

    1. Yossie, i dont know the answer to that question. Even if you went to all the trouble and expense of an international patent, i have a feeling that all someone has to do is make some adustments and they could probably get around it. the jewelry world is full of copy cats. as soon as your design becomes open to the public, someone can easily just buy it retail, and have it cast unless the design is not castable. Having said that, if your design involves opal and you want me to try to promote it for you, i can guarantee that i wont be the one to take it from you. I guess the best idea would be to have a talk to a patent specialist. Sorry I couldnt be more help than that.

  4. I received a white opal cut stone for my birthday from my parents, which they bought in Australia 16 years ago, and I was wondering roughly how much it would cost to have it set into a ring.
    This is a picture of it, it is about 8mm wide, 10mm long and 5mm thick.
    Many Thanks
    Laura Ellis

    1. Laura, not sure if i got back to you about this but if not, please leave your contact details here and i will do so immediately. best wishes Laura, Peter

  5. haaaa. just ignore the first part of my recent message. i thought your inquiry was backdated but i just got an email reminder and realized its current. so i didnt ignore you!! thats good! we try not to do that! Peter

  6. Hello. I live in Taiwan and am looking for a yellow/mixed gold opal wedding ring for me- 60 yrs old male. I’m worried about hardness of gold and opal so need advice on gold carat and opal. Heard solid boulder is good while doublets etc leech in water. I tried to attach pics but not sure if OK. I’d like a wavy style with 3-4 inlay segments like in pics ? My size in Taiwan (US?) is 19.5. Could you answer my queries and submit designs and price options please? Thank you. Michael Woods

    1. Michael, i would not recommend inlay opals such as the ring in your picture. They are set into the metal and are very thin and are infamous for cracking and falling out, particularly if you wear it all the time for a wedding ring. its much better if you get boulder opal and have them set so that they are a little raised away from the metal and are not flimsy. you will have to decide on some sort of budget and i can make some suggestions and send a design. You can continue to discuss the matter on this forum and i will be able to send you some pics by email. Thanks Michael, Peter

    2. Michael, I’m pretty sure i sent you an answer by email to this question but basically to put it in a few words, it’s not wise to use inlay opals as a wedding band because the opal is quite thin and not rolled in to the setting. In my opinion it would be much better to go for a boulder opal with natural ironstone back and have it set properly. Just email me or leave a message on the contacts form if you need further help in making an opal type decision. best wishes Michael, Peter

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