Opal Gift Card Service – FREE!

Opal Gift Card Service – FREE!

Opal Gift Card Service – FREE! to help you when your deadline is not met. contact Peter on the link above for information about this

If for some reason your parcel is going to arrive late we can provide a card for you to print out that shows your parcel is on the way. It’s free for all who purchase from www.opalmine.com, so take advantage of it any time. You will need to either leave your contact information here or just use the blog below.

You will need to give us the name of the giver and the receiver and we will do the rest for free. The card will be sent to the email that accompanies your order so that you can print it out and hand it to the receiver with the gift. While we are on the subject of gifts, please take a look at this article for some good advice.

Sometimes these lovely cards from the outback opal mines are received with as much appreciation as the present itself. – Peter

Opal Gift Card Service - FREE!
opal late gift card example

If you want to take the presentation of the card further, please note these instructions:

How to make a home printed card look really nice

You can print this out on ordinary paper and have it laminated which looks really nice.[although probably better to use a slightly thicker quality paper if your printer will take it]

Or you can print it out on photographic card but as mentioned, you have to make sure your printer can take it.

Otherwise just take it to a photo place and get them to do it for you, or let us know the email of the printer and we will do that with instructions.

Those laminating machines are very cheap nowadays. Maybe $20 or so. They are very handy for doing all sorts of cards, so consider buying one for your own use. You can save a heap on greeting cards. You have to buy some plastic sleeves with the machine. Just a thought. Hope this gives you some ideas. Peter

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