Buy Opal Online – the Benefits

Buy Opal Online - the Benefits
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Buy Opal Online – the benefits

Welcome to our video blog post How To Buy Opal Online (click on the link below)
This is another video by Peter, in the series to help you as a consumer be able to buy opal from a reputable dealer!
I am quite sure you are going to love this one! Apologies if the voice over is a bit loud. just be prepared to turn down your volume if it is.

The benefits of Buying Opal online-video

As you can see from the video we really have a passion for what we do and that also includes providing the best possible service for you!

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How can you save money by buying online?

The fact is that running a shop online is much cheaper than trying to keep up with all the overheads in a retail business.

You are listening to someone here who ran an opal shop for 25 years and by the time it was sold, just about everyone benefited but the owner because of the overheads.

Online buying gives you the advantage of comparing stores quickly and internet opal marketers can quickly offer their stock to you at competitive prices by avoiding all the unnecessary overheads.

Where do you go to buy?

Its best to find sites that have a long history of reliable service. By ‘long’ as far as the internet is concerned, we are talking under 20 years. The site you are on at present has been on the net for nearly that long.

You can always check the details of the owner of the site (in this case Peter Brusaschi just type the name into Google and see what is being said about this person. I do this all the time when i am not sure about something, particularly emails that could be spam.

This way you can an all-round independent opinion of what the site represents and you will know ahead of time that your experience is guaranteed to be a pleasant one and you are not going to be cheated by a faceless entity.

More Buying information

If you would like to learn more about the subject of opal as a whole, please take a look at our eBook

5 thoughts on “Buy Opal Online – the Benefits

  1. hi,i want to know is it possible to send opal to mainland China,Beijing? how long is the post and the fee?

  2. 5541no wanted to order a ring without knowing the language is not understood as an order.

    I will send you an email and help you to order. Я пошлю Вам по электронной почте и поможет вам заказать. peter

  3. I am intresting to bay good opal 10ct

    1. Re: opal 10ct in size
      Victor, i will send you an email and you can tell me what type of opal you would like and how much you would like to spend. There are many stones not yet installed on the opalmine site and i can send you pictures by email. thanks for your inquiry, Peter
      PS. Please note that you can click on the Russian language at opalmine. The translation is not so good but i think it will give you a good idea.
      Виктор, я пошлю вам письмо, и вы можете сказать мне, какой тип опала вы хотите и сколько вы хотели бы провести. Есть много камней еще не установлен на Opalmine сайта и я могу отправить вам фотографии по электронной почте. спасибо за Ваш запрос, Питер
      PS. Обратите внимание, что вы можете нажать на русский язык в Opalmine. Перевод не так хорошо, но я думаю, что это даст вам хорошее представление.

      1. Victor did you get my email regarding opal? peter

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