Customized Opal Jewelry

Customized Opal Jewelry

Customized opal jewelry: There is nothing nicer than wearing jewelry that is one of a kind and most of the jewelry for sale at is one of a kind. Of course, opal, being a totally unique stone can guarantee that you will not find the same piece anywhere else on the planet.

Not that other gemstones are not technically the same but let’s face it, once you have seen one diamond or one red ruby they all look basically the same with some variations of a depth of color and existence of inclusions.

Customized Opal Jewelry
John the Jeweler
Customized Opal Jewelry
Peter customizing rough opal into finished stones

Opalmine Services:

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  • Forum to discuss any jewelry related problem (the blog at the bottom of each page)
  • opal re-cutting and repairs
  • opal jewelry making
  • finger ring sizing
  • General advice
The difference between the way opalmine operates and many opal sellers is that we endeavor to cover the whole gamut of related needs to the sale of opal and opal jewelry. It’s one thing to sell someone a ring.
Its another to make sure that it fits properly, its worn the right way, what to do with it if someone drops it on concrete, how to ensure it, what to write on an anniversary card to make sure it’s appreciated, what do you do if you’ve left your gift too late to reach a deadline?

All these things and more are a part of dealing with folks like yourself and we here at opalmine try our very best to make your experience not only satisfying but enjoyable and reassuring. opalmine services cover all these aspects and more. More opalmine services will be listed as we expand

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  2. Hello again…I just found all your info for business. I had overlooked it in simply writing answers..I am so sorry. Tell me the procedure for mailing you 3 opal rings…two for polishing the stones and one for possible restoration of fire. Can you give me an idea of your fees? Thank you…
    Sharon Watson, Columbia, SC

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