Beautiful Natural Opal Types

Beautiful Natural Opal Types

Without a doubt, they sure are more than just pretty! Beautiful Natural Opal Types come in many varieties. The thing about opal is that there are so many types and ways of presenting them.

If you are a more traditional, conservative person who likes older concepts of jewelry that maybe have been around for a century or even centuries, there is a place in the opal world for you. In fact, at opalmine, we have done research that reaches back, not just a hundred years, but indeed thousands of years to the beginning of civilization.

Many who are skeptical about the writings of the ancient bible, for example, would be overwhelmed at the amount of evidence that exists about that ancient world.

Many examples of this can be found in the ancient museum of Baghdad, at least what remains of the disgusting desecration of that source of ancient information after the war in that city but that is another subject.

Ancient examples of modern designs

The jewelry that was found in the tomb of the princess of UR in south-west Iraq is still on display at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA is not unlike the simple designs that lots of folks still like and wear today.

People and places change but humans remain basically the same. We like to look good and show off things that we value and appreciate and as long as we keep a limited view of ourselves, there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

But when we say “beautiful NATURAL opal types” what do we mean?

Are not ALL opals natural? Well, a few decades ago we could have said YES to that question. Well, there were a few miserable attempts to make a piece of glass or plastic look a bit like the changing colors in an opal by putting some colored paper in the background but anyone with the slightest knowledge of opals beauty would laugh at the weak imitation. Not so today!!

Laboratories have managed to mimic the natural stone to a very high degree and unless you are an opal cutter and dealer, it can be very difficult to tell the difference. And is there anything wrong with wearing synthetics?? of course not. Just about everything we do and wear nowadays involves some sort of man-made item.

But if we can afford it, I think most ladies would say that have a REAL gemstone makes you feel much better about your presentation than displaying a synthetic.

Beautiful Natural Opal Types
opal pattern semi harlequin

If you would like to know more about Australia’s precious Opal then please feel free to browse through our website, we have a wide range to suit all taste and styles.
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