Australian Opals

Australian Opals

Australian Opals in all their varieties were first found in this continent only in relatively recent times

Australian Opals
australia map of opal fields
Australian Opals
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When opals were first discovered in Australia in the 19th century, the jewelry industry has undergone a considerable revolution.

The value of these stones exceeds by far the opals of the ancient world, which history shows were highly treasured in first century Rome.

The opals of the old world were mined near Czerwenitza, in the present day the Czech Republic, was just a cloudy-white gem with traces of thin pricks of colors. On the other hand, Australian opals have more fire, and are more secure

Opals from other parts of the world

In recent times opals have been found in different parts of the world which are very beautiful but unfortunately are quite porous and will take in water. when that happens, the stone can turn a murky brown which is very disappointing. It is said that by allowing the stone to dry out under a warm light or sunlight, the color will return but some say this has not happened. Australian opals do not have this problem.

The different forms in which Australian Opals exist

makes it possible to meet the varied jewelry needs of the consumers. The three common types are white opal, boulder opal and black opal.

Due to its relatively higher abundance, white or crystal opal is often used to make more affordable opal jewelry, although in recent years the Coober Pedy opal mines have been producing less and less opal and this has driven the price sky high. Opal crystal is used to make triplets and doublets which have the appearance of solid black opal but are more affordable.

So Australian opals from the various fields are able to match the needs of all consumers. From those who can afford just a few dollars to those with a budget of thousands of dollars.

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