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Understandably you, the visitor to this page will hesitate to spend hard earned money on products that you cannot physically see and touch but the fact of the matter is that we are no living in a different world and more and more people are going to the internet to buy their stuff. Not only is it a totally relaxing way to shop, but you dont feel under pressure from a salesperson along with the bustle and noise that can be accompanied with shopping. Not to say that there is not a place for that but this is just an alternative to regular shopping.

My experience with online shopping has been very positive apart from a few dubious types of people who offer you a lot and only give you a little. But i guess you will find those types everywhere. The secret is to get to a site with a long history of honest reliable service with lots of comments coming and going to give you an idea of how the proprietors handle folks inquiries and problems.  If you take a good look here you will find literally dozens of questions and answers and real efforts to help folks with their jewelry problems, without anyone being obligated to either pay for the advice or buy something. We have always done business that way and we have found that this builds up loyalty and our business just keeps growing.  So why buy opals from opalmine site?  Here is a summary


You will save time because you don’t have to go down town

You can shop in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of coffee

You will have a friendly non-high-pressure human to talk to if needed

You will get immediate email access to us without filling out lots of forms

You will get a free ‘late gift card’ if you need to keep a deadline

You will get the finest selection of opals on the planet

You will get value for your money

You will get free international shipping

You will get something extra that you didn’t expect

You will get an international guarantee that is perpetual (not just a year)

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