What is a True Gift?

What is a True Gift?

So, What is a True Gift? The girls always seem to get most of the gifts. Well, at least the smaller nicer looking ones. The guys tend toward big boys toys which admittedly seem to end up costing a lot more.

Having said that, its the desire of a good bloke to make his girl happy and there is no better way of doing this than with a small gift.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must meet certain criteria in order not only to be appreciated but to fulfill an important aspect of gift giving, and that is MOTIVE. Gifts for Her (or Him) – Defined and Refined.

Girls do appreciate the item itself but it must be said in most cases that girls, along with all of us for that matter, like to feel that the giver is making the sacrifice out of a good feeling of the heart, not just out of obligation or to curry certain favors or benefits to oneself.

The best gifts are the unselfish type. These are the gifts that last for a very long time and make for the happiest relationships.

What is a True Gift?
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Some very thoughtful advice if you are buying something for someone

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Gift Questions:

What is the definition of a true gift?

How do you find the ‘right’ gift for that special person ? (a girl, a wife,a husband,a relative or friend)

What is a gift ‘prompt’ and why you might need to avoid them in gift giving?

How can you avoid being controlled by Piers and perceptions in gift giving?

What legitimate thing can you expect from gift giving which has nothing to do with money or things?

How can you make sure your gifts will be appreciated? How can you avoid turning gifts into negative effects? What has MOTIVE got to do with Gift Giving? What positive thing does gift giving do for the giver? Maybe you can think of other questions that could be asked about this important subject.

Have a read of the excellent advice below from opalmine friends and customers and feel free to make some comments of your own

What is a True Gift?


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5 thoughts on “What is a True Gift?

  1. Motive is most important. Giving should be from the heart and bring the joy to both the recipient and the giver.

    1. A simple and truthful statement John. Thanks for your meaningful contribution

  2. Hi Peter,

    It is a funny question you raise actually. After having some deep consideration on the question I came to the conclusion that the answer can be different for different people.

    Let me explain my thoughts, they probably are not correct but I will give it a shot. We are all brought up with different view points that usually effect us by our environment and culture. For example around the world there are thousands of different people how celebrate different cultural beliefs that give presents and gifts on those days. Many of the gifts given may not necessarily be needed or actually appreciated but yet they are given anyway because of the event for example take Christmas. How many time have you heard of people receiving gifts on Christmas day from someone only to be stored in the cupboard. Don’t get me wrong it is great for retail businesses who rely on this one day to make them money, but what about the question you raised, can it be really regarded as a gift?

    I personally like to give gifts whenever I feel like it! or when I know someone will really appreciate the gift. I like to give gifts from the heart and not under compulsion. Like you said, you give because you want to, not because you want something in return!


    1. Well Phil, you’ve touched on a pretty sensitive nerve there. Christmas of course is considered to be a Christian celebration although plainly was never instituted by Christ and is in fact of pagan origin. At least that’s what my research shows. But of course folks reason that because it triggers off or reminds people to give, its considered more good than bad. The main line of argument is that it seems to bring families together and that’s not a bad thing at all. Too often old folks or other friends get forgotten and i guess anything that brings them together can be considered a plus. However if folks rely on events rather than heartfelt feelings to make gifts, these practices in the minds of more and more people in the western world (and some in the eastern who have enthusiastically embraced these celebrations) are becoming a commercial event rather than a spiritual one. As someone said, ‘there’s more spirits in the refrigerator than in people’s hearts at times.” and that would be OK i guess, as long as it stayed there!! Haaa ‘food for thought’ thanks for your comments Phil. it will be interesting to see where this topic takes us.

  3. Just making sure this blog is working since our upgrade. Just to get the ball rolling, let me give my opinion on the first question. What is the definition of a true gift? This is my take on it. Feel free to submit yours.

    I reckon the best way to define a true gift is to first state what a gift is NOT. That is, something is not a TRUE gift if you expect something BACK. So a true gift is something you give without expecting anything in return. Peter

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