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black opals
black opals can have any color

Black Opals

Black opals are precious stones and the most expensive form of opal. A black opal is characterized by a black or dark body that is a part of the stone itself and is completely solid.

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In the case of Lightning Ridge black opal, the blackness arises from the occurrence of dark-colored iron oxide impurities in the opal potch background. In the case of boulder opal, the darkness comes from the boulder ironstone which is naturally attached to the opal foreground. Opal has the amazing ability to take the colors from the light spectrum, bend them and diffract them so that the result is a breathtaking display of rainbow colors that differ with each opal.

Matrix opals, which contain fragments of opal mixed with the host rock, can also have really dark colors but are not classified as a black opal. Please check our opal encyclopedia for further details of opal structure and origin.

Black Opal Patterns

Black opals come in a variety of patterns. Some of the commonly seen patterns are listed below:

Most opals show a number of patterns in a single stone. The colors and the patterns change when the viewing angle changes.

Origin of Black Opals

Most black opals are mined from the Lightning Ridge area of New South Wales in Australia. Rough opals are cut and shaped to enhance their appearance. They may be sold as unset stones or in the form of opal jewelry, such as opal brooches, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings etc. Black opals and boulder opals and are thus lovely options for both men and women’s jewelry.

Black opals are excellent choices for investments or gifts. When buying one for investment purposes, you should definitely buy a stone with minimal flaws and a rich deep shade of color, keeping in mind that it’s good to notice some natural flaws in the rear of the stone because this identifies it as a natural, non-synthetic opal. A conventionally shaped circular, drop or oval black opal which can be easily set into jewelry. You should consider choosing black opals the next time you’re thinking of a gift for someone who has everything, it makes for a great gift.

Black Opals Video

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  1. Thanks a lot Peter, Opal I’ve received in excellent condition and also Thank You very much for the gift,

    Recommendations buy Opal Excellent Service, 🙂

    1. Appreciate your kind words Rinto. And happy that you liked the extra opal gifts. Its really nice to deal with such an appreciative person who would take the time to comment in this forum. best wishes, Peter

  2. Dear, Opal Mine

    I’m RINTO from Indonesia, I Like the Unset Opal > Black Opal, for the Picture is real?
    What size & Carat Weigh it’s Black Opal 0084??


    1. Rinto, yes, it is a real black opal. Size is 11x7mm The approximate weight is around 1.0 ct. perhaps just over. Its still available for sale if you want it. thanks for your inquiry Rinto. Peter

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