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Humor – at Lightning Ridge Opal Fields

Humor – at Lightning Ridge Opal Fields Opal fields Humor- It gets pretty hot and sticky at Lightning Ridge. That’s why a lot of folks head for the coast around November each year and dont go back until about March or April when things cool down a bit. Mind you we are totally spoilt nowadays […]

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Opalized Pliosaurs and Other Fossils

Opalized Pliosaurs, and other fossils including rough opal Rough Opal is often found in the form of ancient sea creatures     Such was the case in regard to ‘Eric’ the Opalized Pliosaur which was found in the famous White Cliffs Opal mine in South Australia. Other specimens have been found at Coober Pedy and […]

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Opal Calibration Chart

Opal Calibration Chart When you first get to know about cutting opals, the challenge is to be able to cut the stones in a perfect oval. After a while your eye gets used to it. You start using your fingers as a human lathe and you know just the right ‘touch’ as the dop stick […]

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