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Opal Rough and Rubs 8155


Boulder Opal Rubs

This boulder opal is still in its rough state. that is, it has not been completed but left in its semi-processed state to be completed by the buyer who is either an opal cutter or has access to one.

Buying boulder opal rough is extremely difficult and risky. The veins of color that inhabit large boulder opal rocks are very subtle and often well hidden. The difficulty in locating these veins cannot be overstated and if a person was to buy one of these unprocessed rocks with perhaps a little color showing from the outside in the hope that there will be a fortune inside, cannot be overstated. The experiment could well end up in a person losing all their money.

Its better to allow the miner or processor familiar with boulder opal to expose the color and allow the opal cutter to finish it off. The challenge of bringing out the best of the color is still there but without a huge risk. Buying boulder opal this way is very economical and could well mean you owning a magnificent stone at half or less the retail price.

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Type: Boulder Opal

State: Rough boulder opal sold as rubs

Size: 53x25x10 mm (coins shown below are included with pictures to show relative sizes)

Euro 2c coin (18.75 mm)
to compare size of opal
USA dime coin (15.5mm diam)



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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 23 × 7 cm


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