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Opal Pendant 5501


Boulder opal pendant set in sterling silver

Shipping (included in the price): Free Registered Australia Post. free luxury packaging along with a complimentary opal gift

Boulder opal is a totally unique stone found only in the state of Queensland, Australia

A cousin to Black Opal

It is a close cousin to black opal in that the veins of opal color are found in often large dark brown boulders. In the cutting and polishing process, the color is left in the foreground of the stone and the dark background to the rear. Like black opal which features black potch instead of ironstone, the darkness in the background gives the stone an amazing brilliance.

Along with this, the color in boulder opals is often found mixed with the ironstone in the foreground which gives the stone a very natural “out of the earth” look and nowadays with synthetics often being promoted as real gemstones it is very appealing. Particularly for folks who like to get back to nature.

Unique appearance

The combination of opal and ironstone with all its interesting patterns gives a totally unique presentation. Each of these gems are original when too often stones like diamonds, although providing a beautiful addition to opal in Jewelry, apart from perhaps the shape of the cut are very similar in color.

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About Peter

*Peter, the author of the book ‘Opal, an Australian Adventure’ has been cutting, polishing and processing opal for over 50 years. Go to the bottom of the page and move the green slider to the right to enlarge the print as follows:

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