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Opal pendant 4144


Opal Pendant

Opal Field: Coober Pedy (Australia) Stone Size: 18×13 mm Metal: base metal – Gold finish Neck-Chain: FREE

The pendant/brooch comes with a cute little turtle box shown in the pictures. Picture also shows the back of the turtle so you can see the brooch clip. It can be used as a pendant or a brooch.

Opalmine recommendations:

References: Take a look at some of our numerous testimonials from previous customers over a period of 30 years. Also, check out our perfect5-star record with google

Shipping & packaging (included in the price): Free Registered Australia Post. free luxury packaging along with a complimentary opal gift.

Questions? contact us here Guarantee: International perpetual quality guarantee Pendant chain: included

Questions? If you would like to talk to Peter* about this item or anything else on the website relating to opal, please go to the bottom right-hand side of the page and click on the pink HELP button.

*Peter, the author of the book ‘Opal, an Australian Adventure’ has been cutting, polishing and processing opal for over 50 years.


Opal Mosaic Pendant/Brooch

The world is full of amazing little creatures and the turtle is probably one of the most popular. The mosaic feature of this lovely pendant in some way mimics a turtle shell. It can be worn as a pendant with the free chain provided or it can be pinned to a blouse. It also comes in a really cute little turtle gift box as shown in the pictures.

Comments on this item: You may wonder how we can sell such a cute little pendant at such a cheap price and, in this case, a free chain as well. You might be tempted to think it’s a synthetic opal which manyopals being offered online are.

Opal is genuine not synthetic.

To make it clear, this is a real opal originating either from the opal fields at Coober Pedy or Lightning Ridge, the home of the famous black opal. Then why is it so cheap you will want to know? The reason is that the opal has been set in a dark background which makes the color brighter and more dramatic, just like it’s extremely valuable cousin, the black opal.

Affordable opal

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of Jewelry, so opal triplets are an excellent way of getting a very similar effect at a very reasonable price, for an item that can still be called a natural non-synthetic gem.

Questions: Feel free to contact Peter by clicking the ‘HELP” button below.


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