• Opal Unset 2043
  • Opal Unset 2043
  • Opal Unset 2043
  • Opal Unset 2043

opal unset 2043


Crystal Opal unset

Field: Coober Pedy (Australia)

Stone Size: 15×9 mm

Weight: 2.52 cts

Shipping: Free

Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International

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Member: American Opal Society. ‘Unset opal’

This means that the stones are not set into jewelry. In other words they are cut and polished ready for setting

Large flash pattern of yellows greens and oranges

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opal unset

Feast your eyes on this unset Dark Opal crystal drop from Lightning Ridge, ready for setting as a pendant or ring. Genuine Australian opal

Opal unset Crystal drop shape

These stones and their close cousin
, white or milk opal are some of the best known opals in the world because of the fact that crystal and white opal have been mined for centuries, if not for thousands of years.

European supplies came from the opal mines in Hungary which are all but mined out now. The difference between crystal and white opal is that crystal is more translucent, in that you can actually see down deep into the stone.

White opal is opaque, the color being on the surface of the stone. Crystal opals are the more expensive variety.

Where do opal crystals come from?

Dark and Black Opals are mainly from Lightning Ridge

Description This beautiful piece flashes just about all colors and yet it is quite translucent so that you can look deep into the stone.


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