Opal Jewelry

opal-jewelry (jewellery)

If you have fallen in love with Australian Opals, then you will love our new designer collection of opal jewelry. Every month we release new designs to the public for purchase. Our opal jewelry is unique, one of a kind and you will not find any other jewelry piece like it because each opal is unique in itself. Basic themes can be similar, but the patterns, depth of color, combination of color and shapes are all different.

Every stone is quality Australian opal that will not fade in time and is not a copy cat synthetic opal. Just about every day we get complaints about opal that loses its color and cracks mainly sourced from areas of the earth which are damp and moist, making the opal porous and unstable. We can guarantee that Australian sourced opals will not do this.

Metals of choice are 14k gold and silver. Silver is fast becoming a popular choice as it compliments the beautiful opal colored stones and also is cheaper in pricing.

Please feel free to browse our collection of opal rings, opal ear rings, opal pendants, brooches, beads and opal watches. We have a very large range of opal jewelry as you will see in our shop here

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact peter in the live chat bottom right hand side of the front page of opalmine.com