Opal Watches

Opal Watches
mosaic face opal bracelet watch
Opal Watches
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Opal Watches
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Opal Watches

Opal watches at opalmine are Quality timepieces featuring sheets of opal mosaic in the face supported by high-quality quartz movements

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The creation of opal watches has made fashion jewelry no longer a concern of women only. In today’s modern world, men also want to look cool and glamorous by adorning themselves with the latest fashion jewelry and accessories. Usually, men go for elegant jewelry articles such as rings, bracelets, and watches.

Timepieces like these are an ultimate fashion accessory for both women and men. They are available in various appealing designs and colors. As far as, the design is concerned, they are the perfect choice to accessorize your personality and to look stylish. Although, they can be quite expensive, yet the exotic design and unique charm of opal decorated watches are simply irresistible.

Opal comes from the outback of Australia. It is regarded by some as the most colorful and beautiful gemstones on the planet. The most striking feature of this wonderful stone is the unique play of colors which makes it a perfect choice for designing various eye-catching jewelry pieces such as pendants, rings, bracelets, and watches.

How Opal Watches are put together

While designing, very fine pieces of opals are used to make the face of the watch. These pieces are shaped together as a jigsaw puzzle and are called mosaics. These mosaic opal watches are the most popular as they display a vibrant array of colors which gives you a classy and elegant look.

Some opal watches come with pure leather bands. Other with metallic bands, often encrusted with other matching opals.

The silica gel present in each opal, combined with the unique microscopic spheres on the surface of the stone, is responsible for the refraction of light and color play which is always new and different and bounces back and forth from one shade to another. Each small piece of opal is set against a black background to give a black opal appearance.

Mosaic opal watches have three basic components. First of all, there is the face of the watch, made by very tiny pieces of crystal clear opals put together in mosaic form. The mosaics are then set in a dark background to give a black opal appearance. But of course, the face is anything but black. It has all the colors of the rainbow.

Origin of the opal – It’s nice to know that your purchase is a genuine stone from outback Australia

Most of the opals used in watch faces come from the crystal opal field of Coober Pedy of South Australia, although similar material is also found at Lightning Ridge and in recent years a lot of attention has been focused on this mine as well since the southern mines are starting to show signs of running out.

Ladies watches are often designed as a bracelet, with the stones extending the full perimeter of the band. The lustrous shine and magical touch of this exceptionally beautiful stone are spellbinding and they are a perfect match for every outfit and every occasion. It can really be an overwhelming experience to have the magical myriad of all of the rainbow colors decorating your wrist.

Designer opal watches are undoubtedly a unique and valuable addition to your jewelry collection. Opal not only represents beauty and prestige but it holds a fascination that will make you feel good when you look at it for many years to come.


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