Opal Unset

Opal unset 1229 is a boulder opal

from the western Queensland fields

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opal picture stone 1229
opal-unset-boulder opal picture stone
boulder opal picture stone
opal-unset-boulder opal picture stone
boulder opal picture stone

Total Carats: unknown Shape: Free Form Origin: Winton or Quilpie Australia Shipping: Free to your door or post office box by registered mail. Packaging: Black velvet pouch or gem box


This quality boulder opal unset 1229 comes from the Western Queensland fields. Stones like this are becoming rarer as the opal fields are running out. The price of Opal, unlike many gemstones is influenced by supply and demand, not by international cartels who agree on price increases. Hence, this stone is destined to go up in value as the supply becomes more restricted which is happening at present. The color of these stones is completely natural, in contrast to diamonds [for example] which depends on man-made facets to reflect the spectrum colors.

Many Boulder Opals

are presented with some of their ‘mother’ ironstone showing in the foreground. This often adds to the interest of the opal piece because the patterns and shapes that present themselves often stimulate the imagination, much like the clouds in a clear blue sky. Some of these lovely pieces conjure the imagination and can be called ‘picture’ or ‘personality’ opals. In this case, the ironstone shows brilliant flecks of gem opal color, against the black boulder ironstone and are like stars in the sky. The ironstone ‘mother’ holds the ‘baby’. Hence the term: ‘matrix’ (mother).

Where did it come from?

Boulder Opal is from Queensland and is also a variety of black if it is found with a dark or black background similar to Lightning Ridge.

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