Opal Rings For Sale

Opal Rings For Sale

Opal Rings For Sale: They come in all shapes and sizes from just tiny ones for ladies who like really little rings, to very large bulky ones to match the current trend to wearing very large jewelry.

Opal Rings for sale at the Opalmine

Opal Rings can be set in a variety of different metals from Gold, through Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Brass, to name just a few. With the current high cost of Gold, the beautiful white 925 Sterling silver metal is becoming very popular, and if Gold is preferred, it can have a very serviceable cover of pure gold.

So the preciousness of the metals are still there, but the pocket is not compromised so much. The wearing of rings as jewelry is defined here, of course, rings are just one of the great variety of opal jewellery items used over the centuries.

There are clusters of opals used as bracelets, pairs of opals used for earrings. Larger opals in Brooches and of course pendants as well. Necklaces, the list goes on.

Then, of course, there is opal jewelry for men in the form of opal cuff links, opal tie tacks, opal belt buckles, opal bolas, opal tie bars and fittings for furniture as opal tiles.

Opal Rings of many varieties

Opal Rings for sale at the opalmine store come in many shapes and sizes and can be set by themselves as solitaire stones or can have small diamonds or other colored faceted stones attached as adjuncts to the main feature stone which of course is precious opal.

The Ring below features a green-blue boulder opal from the Queensland fields and has a very interesting shank design which looks like a number of different rings assembled together.

The lovely opal is held in with a bezel (which means that the metal is actually rolled on to the stone to make sure it is secure. In this case, the opal ring for sale is triangular in shape, not oval which in the opinion of many adds extra interest to the ring for sale.

Opal Rings For Sale
black opal ring
Opal Rings For Sale
opal rings for sale-crystal

Opal Rings For Sale

The four opal rings for sale shown here

Opal Rings For SaleAre examples of different ways of presenting the opals. Three of them are bezel set as described previously but the one with the cluster setting of three small crystal opals from Coober Pedy in South Australia is set with claws instead of a bezel.

This allows the light to amplify the crystal opal because these particular opals are translucent so that when the light hits the ring, it bounces back and forth and you can see a reflection of the gold in the stone which adds more fascination to the opal ring.

Please note that the term ‘black opal’ is also applied to boulder opal. Black opal is any solid natural opal that displays a dark background, resulting in a stronger more dramatic opaque presentation, whereas ‘crystal opal’ is more delicate allowing light to enter.

Once the opal ring for sale changes its location from a jewelry box to the finger of a lovely lady, you can see it in relation to the hand that is wearing it.

At this point, this beautiful item has found its proper place in a position of beauty for all the world to admire and comment on. It is said that, particularly in the case of women, that a fashion item like this inspires more comments than its closest rival… men (smile) although i guess this statement could be debated.

Make sure any Opal Rings for Sale online are not Synthetic Opals

Opal Rings For Sale at many online and offline shops are not real opals. They are made in a laboratory. As such, they can still be very beautiful and much cheaper than the natural ring, but if you can afford a real one it’s nice to be able to say that is a natural gemstone.

Make sure you ask the question if someone offers you opal rings for sale without actually stating that it is a natural opal or you could be paying for something that is not real or featuring inferior opals that will fade and lose color in time if submerged in water.

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