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Opal Pendants

Opal Pendants

Opal Pendants: The opals used in our pendants are genuine Australian stones that will not fade or lose color

Opal Pendants as popular as opal rings

Opal pendants are a great choice if you are looking for jewelry that suits all styles of clothing and adds a little pizzazz.

Opals are beautiful stones that are sourced from various parts of Australia; they come in a wide range of colors and shapes so you have a wide variety to choose from to suit your taste.

These gorgeous opals generally come in shades of blues and greens and some even have spectacular patterned effects, making them extremely unique and valuable.

An opal necklace is a perfect way to show off such a beautiful stone and it is sure to grab attention, no matter what outfit you wear.

Opal Pendant Designs

Opal pendants are widely available in many different designs and you can pick one that perfectly suits your preferences. If you’re looking for a simple way to jazz up an everyday outfit then a striking green-blue opal is the ultimate choice: it will definitely stand out on a simple gold or silver chain.

Light-colored opals will look great against a contrasting dark color whereas dark opal or black opal stands out nicely against a white background which will look dynamic in an office environment.

Nowadays you can also get an extremely eye-catching opal pendant that is sure to make you the talk of the town. Look for unique and edgy designs for a one-of-a-kind look or try your hand at designing a piece that reflects your personality. Whichever opal design you choose is sure to have you looking like a star.

Exclusive Yet Affordable Opal Pendants

For those who are not so concerned about price, you should definitely focus on exclusive opals that are rare and beautiful and will give you years of service and end up being something really exquisite to hand down to your family.

The black opal from Lightning Ridge and the boulder opal from Queensland are the main focus of investment although top quality crystal opals from Coober Pedy and Andamooka command attention as well.

Boulder opal is often cut with a mixture of opal and ironstone which presents an intriguing combination. It is a beautiful mix of unique patterned colors that will create a real focus of attention among your friends.

The Simplicity Of Opal

When choosing striking pieces keep in mind that simplicity in design is often more appealing. An uncomplicated pendant necklace is sure to highlight the astounding beauty of your opal and may be less expensive than more complex designs.

Opal pendants, along with matching opal rings, opal bracelets or opal earrings will definitely become your favorites!

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    1. Maria, regarding your opal ring. you could try Jesse Madole ( in Tucson. Jesse is a jewelry manufacturer. A really nice guy. I only know his email address but you can probably find him in your phone book. I am sure Jesse will help. best wishes, Peter

  1. Rafael, i have approved your comments so that folks can see your website. i will let anyone know about it if the subject comes up. hope the family is well and that you are coping ok. Please join our newsletter and leave your address on the contacts form and i will send you a free opal pendant to brighten your day. Very best wishes to all, Peter

  2. I am interested in purchasing the Opal Smart Chart. Could you please advise me of the cost in Australian dollars and where do I apply to for such an interesting method of valueing opals.
    Casey Conway

  3. Opals are truly wonderful. I myself look forward to collecting a wide variety over time, as I know they will stay in my family for generations.
    Marty Ware

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