Opal Jewelry Under $100

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Opal Jewelry Under $100

Opal Jewelry under $100

Is it possible to get your hands on a real Australian opal jewelry under $100? Of course it is. That’s the unique part about opal. To own a brilliant gem to wear, you dont have to be a rich person because there are many ways of presenting this amazing stone that can keep the price down.

Opal jewelry has found a place for itself amidst contemporary pieces of jewelry not just because of its brilliant colors but also due to its affordability.

Opal Jewelry under $100 – how is it done? (jewellery – British spelling)

It is a well-known fact that black opal is the most expensive stone and can cost even more than a diamond but if you are looking for jewelry under $100, opal will not disappoint you. Opalmine has put together a range that will really please your pocket.

If your budget is a bit tight, you can opt for opal doublets and triplets

These stones are still real opal but they are made from pieces of opal not thick enough to make a solid stone. These brilliant pieces are mounted on either natural black potch from the Lightning Ridge Opal fields or boulder opal ironstone from the Queensland Australia fields and many of these beautiful pieces are under $100 including precious metal mountings.

Opal appeals to people of all ages and both men and women have started using them in their jewelry. Opal rings can be as low as $95 and an opal jewelry set (pendant, chain plus earrings) comes at an average price of $95. Opal earrings start at around $59 and pendants around $54 and less. Opal stones are usually set in either silver or gold. Silver has been the metal of choice in recent years because it is more affordable and dark colored stones look fantastic against the whiteness of the metal

Here in our opal bargains section, you will find some lovely delicate opal pendants set in pure sterling silver for as little as $20 each. Enjoy the visit!

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