Opal Bracelets

Opal Bracelets

Opal Bracelets

Opal Bracelets tempt jewelry lovers in a range of styles, as lovely bangles or delicately-linked chains. Opal jewelry set in gold, silver, or studded with other precious gemstones such as diamond, are popular among opal connoisseurs. Opal bracelets along with rings and pendants are at the top of jewelry preferences

Please take note of the clusters of matching opals featured in bracelets at this site.

Bracelets have been part of the jewelry culture of many ancient civilizations, their origin thus dating back to several thousands of years. Opals too have been in existence for a long period of time dating back to the time of the rulers of Rome.

Australia discovered its national gemstone only during the nineteenth century, and is today the major producer of opal.

Natural Opal Bracelets

All opals at the opalmine site are natural opal gems! You can be confident that there are no synthetic gemstones at this site. In terms of their ‘brilliance’, which is the brightness of the color emanated by an opal, we have handpicked the very best pieces.

A natural opal bracelet comes in a variety of colors, from serene white and majestic black backgrounds so that the vibrant hues of red, blue, orange, and more, leap out at you.

The ‘fire’ or ‘brilliance’ of a natural opal bracelet shines through as the opal reflects its color. This is the true mark of a genuine natural opal bracelet. An Opal Ring and, or Opal Pendant, are an excellent matching feature to Opal bracelets.

Choosing the Best Opal Bracelets

Factors such as type, brilliance, color, and shape and size, influence the price of opal bracelets. The rarer and brighter the opal color, the costlier the bracelet. It is important to buy opal jewelry from authentic sources willing to guarantee the bracelet.

Opal bracelets are unique examples of jewelry that is noticed by all observers. Probably because opal bracelets are larger than most other jewelry items and tend to flash back and forth as the wrist is moved. From time to time gentle cleaning of your opal bracelets with a soft brush is recommended.

Opal Bracelets compared with opal rings

Opal Bracelets are not as popular as rings and pendants. Probably because to make a bracelet it requires a lot more precious metal than other jewelry accessories and often times there are multiple opals surrounding the wrist which of course is going to cost more.

Proper use of Precious Metals with opal bracelets

Of course, at opalmine we take this into consideration by making good use of the less priced precious metal, 925 sterling silver, which, as a matter of fact, is being touted as an excellent investment nowadays with the demand for this metal outstripping gold for use in the manufacturing as well as the jewelry industry.

So logically, as with gold, if you can afford it, now is the time to surround your opals with this much in demand metal while it is still quite cheap.

What if you like opal with gold more than silver?

If you like the yellow metal, opalmine offers silver with a coating of gold which, particularly in the case of opal bracelets, is very practical.

Gold will wear off in time but bracelets tend to get much less wear than rings and this lovely finish can last for many years, and even if you do experience some wear in time, it can easily and inexpensively be plated again.

Opals that contrast well with silver

Having said that, the color of white gold and it’s look alike, silver, is becoming very popular and demand seems to be outstripping gold by two to one in the fashion stakes.

Dark opals and Black opals, along with triplet opals and doublet opals contrast wonderfully with the white metals. The opal seems to stand out dramatically when presented in this way which only makes for an even nicer presentation.

Opal Bracelets show their beauty on the wrist

As with opal rings, opal bracelets show themselves off at every movement of the hand and wrist. This is a real bonus for opal which prides itself in changing colors and patterns as it is moved.

A still opal looks great, but a moving one looks not only great but mysterious, tantalizing, mesmerizing and opal bracelets never cease to entertain you when you give it the glance it deserves.

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