Opal Faced Jewelry Watches

Opal faced Jewelry watches
Opal faced watches

Opal faced Jewelry Watches

Using gemstones in the faces of watches render the concept of timepieces just telling the time as a thing of the past. Opal faced jewelry watches are exclusive fashion accessories which are a cut above the regular jewelry pieces. Gemstones have always fascinated men and women and we have all found numerous ways of featuring them either as rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets or in the case of the guys, cuff links, and tie bars.

Gemstones turn watches into a jewelry (jewellery- UK spelling) item, not just a timekeeper

Opal watch 6203 is a classic example of this. As you will see in that link, the watch is made up of a gorgeous face of opal mosaics from the Coober Pedy, South Australia mine. Along with this, there are a bunch of other oval mosaics gracing the gold finish band which, combined with the face create a wonderful bracelet that can double as a watch.

Of course, watches like this have to be cared for and they are not the sort of thing you would wear in the garden or doing rough work. Treat them as they really are; jewelry items. They come with a year’s guarantee but like everything we sell at opalmine.com, we look after folks long after a year has come and gone and with high-quality movements, we are confident about that.

Though not as popular as gold and platinum jewelry, watches have been making fashion statements over the last half-century. Watches have grown beyond their utility aspect and are now as much a part of the attire as clothes.

Opal Faced Jewelry Watches for Ladies & Gents

Opal faced Jewelry watches
opal faced watch with leather band -6215

Men’s and ladies watches are available at opalmine but stocks are currently limited so if you have something in mind that you like please get in touch with peter AT opalmine dot com or fill in the contact form for more information. Watches like these make great anniversary presents or gifts at any time.


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