History of Opal Rings

History of opal rings


History of opal rings

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History of opal rings

Opal rings are probably one of the most popular forms of jewelry. History of opal rings  can take you back 5000 years ago to the tomb of the Princess of Ur in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and you will find in the university of Pennsylvania museum, examples of gold and jewelry worn by the ladies of that time.  Here are more images of the jewelry in the ancient world and Here are examples of  some of the rings worn by famous people in ancient times.

Opal rings, along with pendants, earrings and bracelets have been very popular since opal was discovered in Australia back in the mid nineteenth century come in all sizes and shapes from high domed ovals to free-forms. They can be designed and built according to customers own design ideas or we can help you make a decision from our vast experience in opal cutting and setting in gold and silver metals with designs to select from or to design yourself.

To do this you will need to contact peter AT opalmine.com direct and give him some sort of idea of you likes. Its possible to take pics of styles that you like from anywhere you find them and forward them to Peter by email.  He will then be able to construct something similar with an opal that suits that particular setting.  Keep in mind your budget and your finger size if you decide to do that.

However it does save a lot of time and trouble to find something that has already been constructed and available on this site. Sometimes rings have been manufactured when metal prices were cheaper and you can find some real bargains at last years prices. For sure opal rings history can open up some very interesting ideas for modern designs based on old ideas.










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