Koroit Boulder Opal Pendants

 Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant featuring deep blues and greens . natural opal

Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant

Each of these amazing stones are original pendants from the mines in Western Queensland which is north of the black opal fields in NSW

You can have hangers in either leather or silver and fittings of sterling silver. Please register your interest below so that we can remind you when the graphics are in place.

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Click here for a video of rough set boulder opal pendants

Koroit Boulder Opal Pendants are special

All the opal fields have something special about them The amazing combination of precious colors nestled in a background of chocolate and cream ironstone creates pictures and patterns that are just so unique.  The remarkable part of the pieces is that often each person sees their own pictures which often trigger off memories of family and friends, pets, places and skies.

Some stones of course are just so amazing that an actual picture cannot be assigned to them. We call these wonderful pieces ‘Abstract stones’  (our own terminology)  The term being used to illustrate an original abstract oil painting.  Some of these stones are so unique that they are preferred to full color opals of the Koroit boulder Opal Pendants

Most of these stones are cut and polished in free form shape as opposed to ovals that most gemstones are cut into. Free form stones are much easier to design into a finished pendant than ovals because it inspires the artist to follow the contours of the stone with his choice of metal, either white or yellow gold or sterling silver. To these shapes can be added other small gemstones such as white diamonds, red rubies, blue sapphires or green emeralds, but the stone of choice is usually a diamond because of its neutral color that does not take away from the beauty of the Koroit boulder opal.

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