Gift giving- How to relieve the pain

Gift giving- How to relieve the pain

Practical advice that will save you money and make the whole Gift-giving process more pleasurable.

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Gift giving time can be a real pain. It hurts when you can’t afford the money. Sometimes gifts are not appreciated. Christmas and birthday traditions put pressure on us. Not that you want to be ungenerous but you have to be realistic.

It hurts a lot when you really can’t afford to spend much. Or you have a feeling that it’s not appreciated. It’s done under obligation because the system forces us to do it. Not that you want to be ungenerous but you have to be realistic.

I am offering practical advice on this problem at The article will help you take an objective look at gift giving. It might sound unusual but I for one don’t agree with being pressured into giving things because of traditions like Christmas and Birthdays. I would rather give from the heart, at the right time, to the right people who will appreciate it.

This approach to gift giving will save you money because it will encourage you to plan things better to both suit your pocket and give the greatest amount of happiness to the receiver.

For example, instead of slaving over advertisements worrying about what to buy for gifts, you could list your friends and relatives in groups and buy (ladies for example) a bunch of pendants at half price. If these items usually sell in the shops for $50 and you get them in lots of 10 for $25 each, you have saved $250.

If you really want to become involved, you could buy the components of these pendants and assembly them yourself at a cost of maybe $15 per item. You would then save a huge $350 per lot. You can talk to me about this by visiting I do have items like this for sale but please don’t feel obligated to buy anything. I am pleased to help for free, and that’s gift giving in another form.



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