What is an ‘earring?’ Pretty obvious don’t you think? An earring is a ring you either attach or put through your ear. Sounds simple, but not really.

Here is a little history about the subject and some pics of earrings worn by ancient people. As you can see, not too much has changed. You could see something similar to these items in your local jewelry store. Here is the source of this information if you want to do some more research.

ancient jewelry

Having said that, it is totally fascinating to look into really ancient history and find out (for example) what the Princess wore in Abraham’s birth city, ‘Ur of Chaldea”

We may never have known had it not been for a chance discovery in an ancient tomb unearthed by archaeologists over one hundred years ago.

At first, they thought that the whole burial place had been destroyed and ransacked by thieves as is so often the case with ancient diggings.

But the excavations at Ur revealed some astounding examples of very ancient, if not the most ancient earring, headdress, pendant, and bracelet designs every found in human history. That is why it was such a shame that the museum in Iraq was interfered with during the war. So many really ancient artifacts would have been lost.

Hopefully, a lot has been restored. Thankfully though Leonard Woolley a British archaeologist who, in cooperation with the British Museum and the University of Pennsylvania, salvaged this ancient jewelry and it has been stored safely between these two establishments. Here are some examples:

more ancient jewelry

The earring (earrings) shown above, particularly the pair in lower 4th to the right are not unlike many that could be found today.

It’s amazing that they have survived in such good condition, but of course, they would be made of pure gold. At that time in history, the practice of mixing silver, gold, and copper would probably not have been discovered and pure gold does not deteriorate.

Gold is such an amazing metal. It is said that a piece of gold the size of your thumbnail, can be hammered into something that would cover a tennis court. Hard to believe but apparently true. What an amazing metal.

Here are some more details Silver, of course, is expanding rapidly in popularity. Not just because it is a beautiful metal, but because it is more plentiful than gold, the price is much cheaper. The price of gold is getting to the point that a lot cannot afford it anymore. at opalmine.com we are using a lot of silver to feature boulder opals. It just means that our designers can create some amazing pieces without being constantly concerned about the weight of the metal.

So, the next time you fit your favorite Earring into your ear, you can think about the history of these amazing little (and sometimes not so little) trinkets that have been the favorites of ladies and gents as well over a very long period of time.

Yes, gold can be hammered into sheets. A piece of gold the size of your thumbnail can be hammered into a sheet the size of a tennis court.

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