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Wie und wo man die besten Opale und Opalschmuck für das perfekte Geschenk kauft!

Wie und wo man die besten Opale und Opalschmuck für das perfekte Geschenk kauft!

Öpal Jewelry Suggestions

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Shop for thousands of opals from unset stones to all varieties of opal jewelry

The opal miners hut became a reality in 1977 but the owner Peter Brusaschi started in the opal mining industry back in 1972. appeared on the internet not long after the very beginning of this new way of shopping, In 1996

Imagine walking into an opal jewelry shop and being able to talk directly to the owner who is also the one who actually mines, cuts, polishes, Entwürfe, sets, and promotes the gemstones and jewelry being sold. Not only can you spoil yourself with the sight of gorgeous sparkly Opal Schmuck on display but you are able to find out all about the Opal of your choice

Natural Opal only

Imagine too that in this same opal jewelry store, you are NOT going to be presented with things that are made in a laboratory but are rather directly from mother earth, enhanced only by the process of Opal cutting and polishing. A quick search of the Internet, even in famous stores such as Amazon, reveals that probably 90% von Opale on display are synthetic, and sadly are marketed in such a way that, if you don’t read the fine print, you will mistake them for real.

But at you can feel safe in the knowledge that not one of the opal pendants or opal rings on display is synthetic. All are natural Opale from Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, or the Western Queensland Opal Felder, Australien.

Australian opal only

One of the main reasons we can offer this guarantee is, not only are the Opale natural but unless stated clearly, they are ALL from Australia and if you do the research you will find that this country is the only source of Opal that you can trust not to break or fade.

Getting the right finger size for your opal ring

Other unique aspects about our store are the fact that much attention is given to making sure you get the right after sales service. Zum Beispiel, if you buy a ring, you need to know that it will fit the finger of the person who will wear it. We can either control this process here or give advice to your jeweler wherever you live. We even show you how to find the size yourself if you don’t want to search for a jeweler who will do it.

Large choice of Opal Preise

At opalmine, we have something for everyone. If you can only afford $20 oder so, in the opal bargain department we have some nice little opal pendants in gold plate for as little as $15 and that includes the shipping.

If you can afford around $100 we have lots of opal pendants with matching earrings in sterling silver or gelded finish. If you can afford a little more, there are opals for a few hundred dollars up to many thousands of dollars.

Opals for the girls and the guys

Opal Armbänder, Opal Broschen, Opal Ohrringe, with rings for men or women. Opal tie tacks and tie bars. Opal cuff links and belt buckles. Girl’s if your guy likes to dress up with a tie and long-sleeved shirt, nothing looks more stunning that a brilliant multi-colored Opal.

Guarantees for your opal choice

Best of all you can feel safe in the knowledge that guarantees for all opals sold at don’t run out in one year. We have a perpetual lifetime guarantee on everything sold. Customers get back to us after more than ten years if they need help with an Opal they have bought.

These comments are easy for us to say and ‘self-recommendation is no recommendation’ so we invite you to Schau mal at just a few of the tens of thousands of comments people have made about us over the years, verifying these claims.

Feel safe and experience the joy you will feel at

Most of all enjoy the feeling of wearing a stunning multi-colored Opal ring and think about how it will look on your finger or as a pendant around your neckJust Beautiful!

Wie und wo man die besten Opale und Opalschmuck für das perfekte Geschenk kauft!