Geschenke für Freundin-Schmuck

Geschenke für Freundin Schmuck
boulder opal pendant/earrings set


Gifts for Girlfriend – jewelry – What girl could possibly go past a jewelry shop with all the amazing sparkles flashing in the window? Jewelry in the form of rings, Anhänger, Armbänder, Ohrringe, Armreifen, beads to name a few. Schmuck mit den Edelmetallen Gold, both white and yellow. Of silver, oft überzogen in Gelbgold mit Rhodium oder vergoldet, aber vor allem in der silbernen Farbe dargestellt, dass es.

Schmuck kombiniert mit Edelsteinen wie Diamanten, Saphir, ruby, Smaragd, to state a few, in myriads of different designs and settings restricted only by the imaginations of the jewelry designers.

Das Problem ist, dass, wenn Sie ein Geschenk für Ihre Freundin erwägen, you are likely (but not always of course) vielleicht ein junger Mann in Ihrem späten Teenager oder zwanziger Jahre ohne einen Haufen Geld zu verbringen. And you are probably thinking of the high cost of an engagement ring that you might be planning for the future. No need to spend a lot of money.

But in the meantime, Sie denken, Sie könnten Ihre Mädchen etwas zu kaufen, denken zu zementieren die Freundschaft that may already be or might be developing into, a romance. How much to spend? Vielleicht $100 oder $200. What to buy? A ring? Vielleicht, aber das könnte scheint ein wenig zu sein, begehen zu Ihrem Mädchen. Vielleicht hat die Datierung nicht so weit als Balz noch graduierten.

Another problem with rings is that you have to somehow get her finger size to make sure it will fit ok and this will mean either asking her mum or ‘borrowing’ one of her existing rings to get the right measurement and this could be a bit risky if you are trying to keep it a secret. One way to do it is by casually asking her to let you look at one of her rings over a dinner date, then slipping it over your small finger and make a mental note of how far up the finger the ring slides. Then measuring your finger later.

If you want some help measuring an existing ring, gehen hier

A better option that doesn’t give the wrong impression and is much easier to facilitate is to buy her a pendant. Pendants don’t need sizing and they are generally cheaper than rings depending what sort of gemstones they feature. Please leave your comments or questions in the blog at the bottom of this page if you would like more help.

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