How to Clean and Polish a Jewelry Ring

How to Clean and Polish a Jewelry Ring. Wir den Schwerpunkt auf die Ringe.They are always the jewelry item that gets the roughest treatement because as much as we are advised not to wear them in the garden, in the washup, or working on the car, we seem to forget about it, in allen möglichen schmutzigen Dinge resultierenden sich Anbringen die Einstellung.

  1. Get yourself a medium hardness toothbrush (an old one will be fine).
  2. Use a medium sized basin. It doesn’t matter what type it is
  3. Lay a dishcloth or something soft in the bottom of the basin
  4. In case you drop the ring. you don’t want it to fall onto a hard surface
  5. Get some ordinary wash up detergent and put a few drops on the top of the ring
  6. If it’s a gemstone ring give the gem a good scrub with the frothy mix
  7. Use some of the same detergent in the back of the ring
  8. Schieben Sie die Zahnbürste durch den Ring und halten Sie fest, den Ring in der anderen Hand
  9. Rotate the brush back and forth so that the rear of the gemstone gets a good scrub
  10. The reason for doing this is that often diamonds (beispielsweise) are dull because of dirt attached to the rear of the stone, not necessarily the front
  11. Then rinse the ring in clear water from the tap scrubbing it with the toothbrush
  12. After you have rinsed it, wischen Sie sie vorsichtig mit einem dünnen Handtuch
  13. Make sure while you are doing this that you are standing over a carpeted area of hold it over an open towel in case you drop it on concrete or the like
  14. After drying you might want to put it under a warm light for a while because the cloth will not dry all areas
  15. When it is dry you can then go to work with the gold and silver polishing cloth we have given you
  16. One side of the cloth is for gold. The other is for silver so be sure to use the right side
  17. Again make sure you are standing over a towel or carpeted floor in case you drop it
  18. Just polish it vigorously until the metal shines and finish it off with a thin dry towel
  19. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die Innenseite des Rings reinigen und damit nicht Schmutz auf den Finger bekommt
  20. Genießen Sie die Freude Ihren kostbaren Besitz zu sehen viel besser aus als vorher.


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