Buy Boulder Opals in the USA direct from Australia

bbopalsbbopalsBuy Boulder Opals in the USA direct from Australia

With the number of synthetics engulfing us nowadays, it’s no wonder that the trend is towards going back to the old times when life was simpler and we were closer to Mother Nature. You can see it by what attracts tourists to little outback towns in Australia where you can buy boulder opals along with other interesting artifacts of bygone days. But you can ‘visit’ these places without spending 20 hours on a plane. Opalmine can take you there by word, still, pictures and video as you will discover on this site.

Boulder Opal’s increasing popularity

Buy Boulder Opals in the USA direct from Australia
parcel of freeform boulder opals

It is noted that more and more of the opal selection at features the natural look of “boulder opals” from the western
Queensland opal mining towns of Yowah and Koroit in the south, through Quilpie and north to Blackall, Winton and Jundah. These places have a fascinating rustic feel and although they are probably more known for farm activities, places like Winton and Quilpie are definitely identified with opal and opal mining.

What is it then about “boulder opals” that makes them so interesting? Some might say that the
chocolate ironstone is a bit boring, often without hint of what opal is famous for and that is COLOR.And yet for all things that interests and educates us in life there is a need for contrast. What would you learn if a teacher used black chalk on a black board or white brush on a white board? Nothing!

The art in boulder opal

And an artist always pays attention to the canvas before attempting a work of art. It’s the same with boulder opals which are another variation to black opal .The brown ironstone and black opal potch, provide the canvas on which nature has painted some of the most fascinating images in the world.

Some of these images look like actual pictures of items that we are familiar with such as animals, plants, and celestial bodies such as the moon and stars. Other times the artwork is not obvious but rather abstract or just interesting shapes and patterns that are totally unique to each opal. These types of boulder opals really get your imagination going.

When these amazing picture stones are fashioned by the Opalmine cutters and designers, the results can be tantalizing as they are often presented as pendants, rings and rare matching earrings. Someexamples are featured in this article. click here for more details

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