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buy-an-opal-jewelry-set-classique style opal pendant and earrings
classique style opal pendant and earrings

Welcome to my blog post Buy An Opal Jewelry Set!

This particular set is one of our most popular pieces. We have four best sellers by name and they are classique which is the name of this set. Also Ladi Di, Riviera, and Tiara. The classique is named thus because of its classic or traditional design. A simple claw set with a surround that allows the stone to nestle between the claws to show off the beautiful opal colors that you can see in this picture.

Its nice to get an opal pendant as a gift but to have the full set is something that every lady just loves. This particular set features a pair of stud type earrings that are held with what are called ‘butterflies” that slip onto the back of the post and hold them in place. You will be pleased to know that you get an extra two sets of clips with each set in case you lose one which is easily done.

Opal jewelry set challenges

The challenge for us is to find opals that will match well enough to make into a set. Of course no two opals are the same but they do come in similar theme colors so out of perhaps 50 stones it takes some time to find the ones that will suit the project satisfactorily. This particular set features mainly red with some greens, blues and a little yellow and orange. It comes with rhodium finish but is also available in 18k gold plate. A chain is also included.

The video below explains all about our sets that are available today!

If you are looking for an exquisite present or a romantic gift then this just may be the perfect option!

If you are interested in other opal jewelry other than a set, maybe a brooch, ring, necklace or even a watch then click the link on your left now!

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