Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal
Brilliant red boulder opal kernel
Boulder Opal
Undulating Boulder opal
Boulder Opal
every color of the rainbow

This remarkable boulder opal is one of the family of what has been termed ‘Undulates.’ Meaning that the line of color in the natural boulder ironstone has been followed with diamond dental drill equipment to carefully clean away the mother rock and expose some of the most brilliant variations of color that you will ever see in a boulder opal gemstone.

The effect of this painstaking effort is to produce a gemstone which has hills and valleys of color just like undulating mountains in a bush-land scene.

This particular boulder opal features reds, blues, greens, crimsons, yellows and just about any color of the rainbow. Please click here for a fuller description with price and freight details and email peter AT opalmine dot com for more details

In actual fact, this boulder opal looks better with a black background. The color is more stark and dynamic which of course is the feature of this dramatic opaque stone from the Winton Queensland Opal fields.

Red, of course, is the rarer of all the rainbow colors of opal. Particularly when it is contrasted as this one is with greens, blues, and oranges.

Freeform Boulder opal

Most boulder opal is cut and polished in free-form fashion. That just means that the shape of the stones can be an odd shape and not ovals, rectangles, triangles or squares. This gives them a certain uniqueness and offers the jewelry artists to come up with styles that are totally different to many oval gemstones which often demand pretty average shapes and not so original.

Boulder opals are also famous for displaying interesting shapes and patterns when combined with the mother ironstone and these make marvelous picture stones. you can take a look at some of them here. Please go here to have a better look at boulder opal-1010 including its size and price.

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