Boulder Opal Pendant and Earrings Set

Boulder Opal Pendant and earrings set
boulder opal pendant and earrings set

Boulder Opal Pendant and earrings set

One of the rarest would have to be a Boulder Opal Pendant and earrings set. Black opal is not what it sounds like. The first reaction to the name is that it must be black, sort of like onyx.

Nothing could be farther from the truth because, although the opals are dark in the background, the front of the stone is often saturated with every color of the rainbow.

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A boulder opal pendant and earrings set in fact can be any color.

Green blue. Blue-green. Green yellow. Red. Red-purple or many combinations of all these colors can create a remarkable effect. The most valuable color is red because this color is the rarest but of course, that doesn’t mean that red on black opals are your choice because they could just as well be a number of other colors as aforesaid.

This set features the popular rectangle style of setting with rolled in and very safe gold bezels.

This”boulder opal pendant and earrings set” features colors that can match most outfits. Blue used to be the most common of the colors but for some reason, blue is not being found as much as it used to be and hence it is also becoming rare. Well as far as that goes, ALL opal is becoming rare for a number of reasons.

Mainly because of the restrictions placed upon mining by the Australian government. In the old days, anyone could just about dig anywhere without too much concern for safety but in recent years the same rules that apply to big mining companies are being applied to little family shows, making it almost impossible for the miner to afford to mine. Check out this boulder opal pendant and earrings set in the link above

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2 thoughts on “Boulder Opal Pendant and Earrings Set

  1. I recently purchases these earrings i believe are black opal peacock buy am not sure. Could you help with identification. After purchase i noticed slight crazing in one stone. I wonder if value impacted and if i should replace this stone and if so, what might cost be

    1. Debra, please post a picture of your opal earrings on this forum and i will take a look. you will need to get a clear picture and crop it before posting. will do what i can to help. best wishes, peter

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