Boulder Opal Designs

Boulder Opal Designs

Boulder Opal Designs
Boulder Opal Pendant showing abstract green blue against the brown ironstone ‘mother’More often than not, opal does not need a lot of metal work to show off its beauty.

Boulder Opal Designs…With other gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires for example which feature just one color, sometimes some dressing up is necessary to give them a distinctive look.

Boulder opal is a classic stone for design variations because of its unique patterns, shapes, and colors. Boulder opal designs offer unique variations of classical shapes and modern organic

Boulder Opal Designs Like the pendant to the left, the focus is on the stone itself and the simple frame of silver just amplifies it.

Take a look at the variety of these boulder opals rings set in sterling silver

Regarding Boulder Opal Designs please leave a message below if you would like assistance in designing your own opal jewelry.

If you want, you can just scribble down some ideas and send it to us by email. Just either take a picture of your design with a macro (close up) camera or if you have a scanner, scan it in and send it to us by email attachment.

We will then complete the rough design and send it back to you for verification before giving you a quote to build the jewelry. You are under no obligation.

Designs are many and varied. The very nature of the stone begs creativity and design. Each of these amazing opals are completely different from the other.

Particularly when they are cut and polished leaving some of the natural ironstone with all its patterns, colors, imperfections and shapes to work in tandem with the precious opal itself that forms sometimes, an adjunct to the unique gemstone itself.

Take the following two pieces for example. The pure silver that they are encased in is but the frame of an original oil. Boulder opal does not require a lot of extra work in the form of metal originality, because its personality shines through and dominates the scene effortlessly.

Additional silver work adds interest to some boulder opal designs.

Boulder Opal Designs
Boulder Opal matrix in silver

Designing often starts off with just some scribble on a piece of paper. The designer suddenly comes up with a new idea and often just fiddles with the shapes and patterns on whatever is handy at the time.

Later, these bits and pieces are assembled and analyzed and intricate drawings are made up to see what the concept will look like with proper shading and coloring.

This process is much the same as a musician who is also a ssongwriter A tune will just come into his head and he has to jot it down because it can disappear just as quickly.

Such is the situation with boulder opal designs.

Boulder opal Designs
Boulder opal Matrix from the Koroit opal field. This one features bands of green opal mixed with variations of cream and brown ironstone

Boulder opal designs
Multiple set boulder opals in silver

Opal Designs limited only by your imagination

Take look at some of the boulder opal designs in this section of the shop here at

You will notice that there are large and small pendants of all shapes and designs set both in gold and silver.

The reason why silver is being given such prominence in the year 2011 is that gold has priced itself out of the reach of lots of folks.

With silver, the designer does not have to concern himself or herself about conserving the metal because silver is still reasonably cheap. (Although this may not always be the case as recent price increases in boulder opal designs have shown)

Boulder opal design video

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