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About Us
Peter, owner of opalmine.com

About us

About Us: If you want to short circuit all the blah blah blah written on this page about us, just type “Peter Brusaschi” into Google search bar and take a look at the 20 pages or so of stuff written about us since 1996, and if you can find anything negative, don’t go any further.

I don’t know about you, but I like to do business with people I know. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. So we have an immediate disadvantage.

You will know me ten years from now but life is short, money is short, and time is money, so we really need to get down to doing some immediate business if both you and I are going to benefit from our newly found connection. [this shot was taken when I still had lots of hair]

But if you are the type of person who likes a bit of a chat, please read on:

If you’ve read my web pages you already know a bit about us, but just to add a little more. My wife Renate is from a German background, and I am a fruit salad mix of Italian, Irish, English, Swedish and who knows what else. We were married in 1968, traveled Australia doing a voluntary work for about ten years partially in the outback among the opal miners, which is where I first came in contact with opals.

We have two girls, Anita and Cindy. We have lived in the same home for around 20 years. We bought the block when things were cheap but now, a house on the river, as it is, would be too expensive, so we were lucky. From our house, you can throw in a fishing line or jump in your boat and drive to town on the water if you like. ( I had a boat once but it sank. I’m not much of a seafarer)

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All dressed up at a convention in Brisbane

About us at the “Opalmine” Office

About the same time we bought our home, I established an opal and sheepskin store called ‘The Miner’s Hut’. My nephew now runs that shop and has in fact developed a new shop based on the same idea now called ‘the sheepskin Hut’.

I still supply them with opals and they manufacture sheepskin car seat-covers and all shorts of luxury sheepskin goods, including Ugg boots.

About Us At Lightning Ridge Opal Fields

Since I’m getting a little lazy these days, I’m just doing some opal mining with partners I have at Lightning Ridge and cutting opal here at the coast. My sales rep, Keith, covers Australia and New Zealand with all sorts of opal souvenirs, jewelry, and stones.

I have round about us a 3000-acre property at Lightning Ridge called “Opal Ridge” which has 600 acres of good black soil that I contract out to grow wheat. The rest of the property is Ridge country where opals are found. Some of the world’s best stones have been found near our property by hard-working miners who have taken up mining rights to prospect.

You see, the farmers only own the top of the land. Anyone can take out a Miner’s right and dig, as long as they obey the rules. (Which they don’t at times, causing no little disagreement between them and the property owners) I hope this summary has told you a little more about us

Kind regards, and best wishes for your future

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