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opal unset 0020


Black Opal unset

Campo: Lightning Ridge (Australia)

Stone Tamaño: 12×10 mm

Peso: 3.00 cts

Envío: Libre

Embalaje: Gem pouch

Garantizar: International

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Member: American Opal Society.

‘Unset opal’

This means that the stones are not set into jewelry. In other words they are cut and polished ready for setting

Black opal with green pin-fire, is a nice high domed piece from the Lightning Ridge field. Stones like this are becoming rare.

Envío: GRATIS. How discouraging it is when you decide to buy something to find out that its going to cost you even more for postage. You’ll be pleased to know that opalmine.com does not charge for the extra freight.

Late opal gift card:

Por favor, pregunte acerca de ello en el blog de abajo si usted está comprando este artículo para un regalo y lo has dejado un poco tarde para llegar a tiempo a tu. Podemos enviar la tarjeta a usted para imprimir. Sólo nos dan los nombres del donante y el receptor.

Reputación: 40 años de servicio confiable en la industria de ópalo. Please note that our international guarantee does not last just a year. Y continúa indefinidamente. If you would like to hear from our happy customers please take a look at our testimonials and recommendations.

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opal unset

High domed genuina ópalo negro with green and blue pin-fire features.

Negro de alta ópalo en forma de cúpula con tonos verdes brillantes





Additional information

Peso 0.2 kg
Dimensiones 17 × 23 × 7 cm


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