Opal Ring Boulder

Opal Ring Boulder- 5543
Boulder opal in silver 5543

Opal Ring Boulder

Opal ring boulder with all the patterns of a rainbow Opal Ring Boulder- 5543-2 Opal Ring Boulder- 5543-3

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Opal Ring Boulder

This sounds just like a piece of rock set in a ring but the ‘boulder’ name only serves to explain that the precious opal came from a boulder ironstone and when it has been cut, the ironstone is left in the background of the stone to give it stability and depth of color. This particular opal is what is termed a ‘split face’ which means that the precious color has been cleaved out of the mother rock in such a way that it has a natural shine on the surface of the stone All the opal cutter does, is clean off the excess ironstone and shape the stone in a way that will make it usable as a ring or pendant. In this case a large opal. This beautiful piece has stripes of color rather than full color. It is a true picture stone and the shapes and features in the “opal ring” are left up to the imagination of the wearer as to what it looks like, and if no identification is found, This stone can be termed an abstract opal. The term being borrowed from the art world. opal or black opal is something to be stunned by the same as we stare in wonderment at a rainbow.

Opals of this type are rare and are one offs. Never again in the world will you see another opal like it. Unlike things like onyx or tiger eye. They all seem the same. Dare we say it but diamonds are just about in the same category. Of course girls love them because of the smart advertising they have been given and i guess because they are basically white in color, they will match any outfit and that is certainly a plus. Opal however can be specific colors or theme colors like this one. The greens and blues dominate but there are strips of yellows mingled with orange as well.

The metal in this ring is pure 925 sterling silver

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