The Great Opal Fields Of Australia

the-great-opal-fields-of-australia-opal fields at Coober Pedy South Australia
opal fields at Coober Pedy South Australia

The Great Opal Fields Of Australia! What a place of history that continues on even until today!

It takes a long time to get there and road can be rather boring with lots of what looks pretty much the same in wheat paddocks, sorgum and cattle grazing country. The novelty of kangaroos jumping all over the place is great for a while but if you get toward the end of the day you have to be super careful not to hit one of them.

Not just because you dont want to hurt the poor animal but there have been some horror stories of kangaroos coming right through the windscreen of the car and of course doing major damage. Hence, anyone who knows what they are doing are careful not to travel on outback roads toward the end of the day into the night because kangaroos are a nocturnal animal that comes out at night.

The great opal fields of Australia offer some fascinating sights.

When you have arrived at these outback opal towns you will find a breed of person quite different to the cities. At Lightning Ridge you will find all sorts of unusual signs and drawings on buildings and on the side of the road that illustrates the type of imaginative people who live there, not just opal miners.

I have put together a neat little video with some photo’s of the outback and a brief description about where you can find these unique beautiful precious gemstones!
Have a look now and if prefer to watch without the music, please mute your speaker. Some folks just like to watch things like this in silence.

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