Thank You

Thank you for choosing Opalmine, we will handle your order and honor the trust you put in us. Be assured of our full support at all times.

We will be in touch ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Great pinterest boards mate!!

    1. Tane, yes the live url comes up if you just paste it into the conversation, so thats what i will have to do. but the link system doesnt work as you can see if you look at the answer i gave to cindy. the urls are live in the email reminder i get from the site but not in the online answer. doesnt matter. i just wont use the link.

  2. I couldn’t see what I typed above in the name email location, but this is Cindy, you sent me rough opals! I’m so sorry for taking a while to send you payment. Jarrett just loves the opals! So many different kinds, he was just in awe! They are all on display in his room. I am still going to show him your video’s of you cutting the opals, but he already wants some machine… polisher I think. You may have created another gem-a-holic!
    My necklace is beautiful! Thank you so much!!!
    I am going to post your website on my facebook pages and talk you up whenever I can.
    I hope for much success for you.
    Thanks again!

    1. Great that you got them OK. Best thing for your young man to learn something practical. keep him away from video games as much as possible. you can read the opal eBook here and take a look at the different types of machines you can get here: Actually if you want to join pinterest, you can post all your pictures online either for private or public viewing and share with friends in facebook or wherever. The opalmine boards are here you can send as many of these you like to other pinterest members. encourage your friends to join pinterest. its much better than other social networks because its just picture with some comments and a picture tells a thousand words as we know. thanks for nice comments Cindy. ..incidentally if you cant connect to these links, let me know. we are having some link problems on the site. Peter

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