Opal Unset 0091


Very large crystal to dark opal from the Lightning Ridge field

Stones of this size are extremely rare. This is the last of anything

like this we have in stock. It can be re cut to suit. Price of re cutting

is included.

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Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge

Size: 31×21 mm Total Carats: 25.19 ct Status: Unset Shape: Freeform Origin: Lightning Ridge area Registered Post: Free to your door or post office box

More information
These stones and their close cousin, white or milk opal are some of the best known opals in the world because of the fact that crystal and white opal have been mined for centuries, if not for thousands of years. European supplies came from the opal mines in Hungary which are all but mined out now. The difference between crystal and white opal is that crystal is more translucent, in that you can actually see down deep into the stone. White opal is opaque, the color being on the surface of the stone. Crystal opals are the more expensive variety.

Where do they come from?

Crystal Opals mainly come from the Coober Pedy opal fields in South Australia but they are also found in the other fields as well. This one comes from the Coocoran opal fields near Lightning Ridge in Western New South Wales.


The huge stone contains a multitude of varying colors with green being the dominating color with reflections and flashes of orange and yellow. Would make a dramatic pendant or for those who like really large rings, this would be a stunner.


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