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Solid opal crystal fossilized shell from the Coober Pedy region

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Crystal fossil shell Opal from Coober Pedy

Size: 19×19 mm Total Carats: 17.5 ct (approx) Status: Unset Shape: carving Registered Post: Free to your door or post office box

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These stones and their close cousin, white or milk opal are some of the best known opals in the world because of the fact that crystal and white opal have been mined for centuries, if not for thousands of years. European supplies came from the opal mines in Hungary which are all but mined out now.

The difference between crystal and white opal is that crystal is more translucent, in that you can actually see down deep into the stone. White opal is opaque, the color being on the surface of the stone. Crystal opals are the more expensive variety.

Where do they come from?

Crystal opal shells mainly come from the Coober Pedy fields in South Australia

Description This opal is actually a fossilized shell that has been carved to the original shape of the fossil


  1. admin

    Christian this is a good question. The opal fields of Australia are found in the dry outback which was at one time a very wet place. Whether this traces back to the time of Noah’s flood or not is unknown. No doubt the geologists have their explanation.

    However it is a fact that a lot of opal found is in the form of fossils. Mainly these fossils are not recognizable being the castings of an ancient shell, snail, pre-historic sea creature, bones, roots, trees, etc but from time to time as is shown in this example, you will find an opal shell fossil full of glorious opal color.

    These shells are rare collectors items. Its not that the shell itself turns to opal but rather that the opal silica replaces the exact shape of the shell in the opal clay beneath the ground.

  2. Christian

    Please tell me a bit more about this opal. Is it an actual shell or a lump of opal carved like a shell? How is it possible for a shell to be opal?

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