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opal unset 1103

$500.00 $450.00

Opal unset -Boulder

These opals are unique in the world to Queensland Australia. Each piece is totally different and has colors that change as its moved.

Please note: If you would like this beautiful piece designed and built as a pendant set in pure sterling silver, just leave a note in the pink chat box at the bottom right-hand side of each page and Peter will email you the full details including the suggested design. Maybe you have a design in mind that we can develop for you.

The cost of this service is free with the purchase of this stone. Please allow at least one month, perhaps up to six weeks for the job to be completed. If you wish to buy the opal without the setting please ask for a 10% discount and Peter will adjust the price before you order. Click the help button below and either talk now or leave a message for Peter.

boulder opal unset


Opal Field: Queensland (Australia)

Stone Size: 27×15 mm

Shipping: Free

Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International Perpetual (not just for one year)

References: Take a look at some of our numerous testimonials from previous customers over a period of 30 years. Also, check out our perfect5-star record with google

Questions? you can use the pink online chat or contact us here

Member: American Opal Society.

‘Unset opal’ This means that the stones are not set into jewelry.

In other words, they are cut and polished ready for setting.



Opal unset

Boulder Opal unset with a dynamic flash of red against a background of chocolate ironstone. What is a boulder opal? please go here to find out the different types

300 to 499


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