• Opal Unset 1019
  • Opal Unset 1019
  • Opal Unset 1019

Opal Unset 1020


Interesting green strip of color contrasted with different shades of ironstone

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opal unset

Type: Boulder Opal Size: 20×11 mm

Comments: lovely pendant stone with lots of green contrasted with natural brown. Typical example of the interesting types of opal originating in the boulder opal fields of Australia. These stones are impossible to synthesize because the opal color is part and parce of the natural earth and the unusual patterns and effects it achieves are a bonus.

Field: Queensland opal mines Basic Shipping: FREE Approx. Delivery time: One to two weeks (depending on country of destination)

Feel free to add your comments or ask questions about this stone and possible setting designs, in the blog provided on this page


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Dimensions 17 × 23 × 7 cm


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