• Opal Unset 0045
  • Opal Unset 0045
  • Opal Unset 0045

Opal Unset 0045


Orange-red highlights against a background of greens blues and other colors. a stunning stone.

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Opal Unset: Black Opal

Opal Description:

Lovely Multi colored black opal from Lightning Ridge. Dominant color is green but it has orange as well as yellow. Would make a lovely ring. Price includes shipping and insurance.

Opal from the western NSW opal fields. Opals such as this are becoming very rare since the Lightning Ridge fields are running out. It’s a far cry from the heady days of the nineties, when this outback opal town was so crowded with buyers that you couldn’t get a parking place in the main street, let alone find a room in the Black Opal motel, where most of the opal buying took place. Ask us about opal jewelry (opal jewellery if you are from the U.K) designs. No obligation to suggest a style for your unset opal.

Opal Details:

Type: Black Opal Size: 9×5 mm Carat weight: 0.60 (approx) Field: Lightning Ridge Basic Shipping: FREE Approx. Delivery time: One to two weeks (depending on country of destination)

Late opal gift card:

If you are running late in receiving your gift please take note of our ‘free late opal gift card’. All you need to do is send us the name of the giver and receiver and we will email it to you for printing.

Reputation: 40 years reliable service in opal industry. Please take a look at the comments of just a few of the hundreds, actually thousands of customers we have served over the past 40 years. Our international guarantee does not last just a year. It goes on indefinitely.




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