Opal Rubs 8599

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Opal Rubs from originating from the South Australian mines

This parcel of five rubbed opals are presented in an unfinished state. that is, the waste opal potch material has been removed thus leaving plenty of evidence of the color without actually finishing off the stone.

Hence they are still basically in the rough state but you dont have to pay for a stone which may or may not have color.

You can see what you are getting which is a more sensible and profitable way of buying rough opal.  Of course you will have to use your skills and imagination to bring the opal to its completion ready for either setting or collection.

Opal rubs sizes.

The largest stone in this opal parcel is 40X18 mm   which is approximately an inch and a half by three quarters of an inch. We have included a euro coin in the picture which just a little larger than a dime coin or an Australian five cent piece.

This will help give you a better idea of the general sizes of all the opals in this lot

Opal Cutting assistance

If you need help  in learning how to process and  polish opal, please go to this page online or check the details at the opalmine site.   Please go here to read what previous clients say about our service. Keep in mind that shipping is free with this order and please don’t hesitate to ask peterATopalmine.com if you need help in making a decision. No obligation to buy. 


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