A chunk of light opal showing potch with hints of color inside the stone

Opal Rough 8562

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USD 150

Type: Crystal mine run opal

Amount: 1 piece

Field: Coober Pedy

Size: 53x33x23 mm – Picture taken in the hand to give indication of size

Shipping and Packaging: Free (included in the price. No more to pay)

What is a ‘black’ or ‘dark’ or ‘crystal’ opal or Boulder Opal? Click here to find out

Rear View Picture: (not shown yet) Shows the stones from the back so that you can see they are still in their rough state, needing final grinding,sanding and polishing

‘mine run’ Explanation: The term means that the stone is pretty much as it comes out of the ground. Some cutters prefer the excitement of searching for the color rather than to have it exposed. We must warn you that buying opal this way can be risky from a value point of view because you cannot be sure what you will find. Maybe some exciting surprises and sometimes disappointments, but as stated below, we always take a keen interest in the results of any rough supplied, and are happy to help you with more material if the results are disappointing.

Rubs: The term ‘rubs’ refers to the practice in Australia of cleaning away most of the unusable opal potch and other impurities so that you are not paying freight for material that is just waste. If you need some cheaper opal for practice, please make a request for this in your order and we will include some as a bonus. Sometimes some nice gems are found in this material, and we are happy if you benefit by this. Rough opal values are not easy to define at times (particularly if the stone is mine run, and if you find that anything you order does not come up to a finished value that you can at least double your money on your investment, please let us know and we will give you extra bonuses in the future. And dont worry, we trust your honesty in this matter.

Help with Opal Cutting: Take a look here for a video introduction to opal cutting. Upon request, for each purchase of rough opal, or indeed any other opal on our site, you will get a free copy of our book “Opal-An Australian Adventure (worth $19) which covers the, cutting, polishing,marketing and full history of Australian opal, . Our purpose is not just to sell you some rough opal but to assist in your education on the subject.

Recommendations: Traditionally, opal has been cut in the oval shape. In recent times however, because of the scarcity of the stone, the practice has been more to cut opals in their free form shape. In other words, whatever shape they naturally come in, or to a shape that you would like to create yourself. By doing this, you are creating a gemstone with much more design potential because you will have both the natural uniqueness of this amazing gem and a shape different to others. This inspires creativity in design because free forms have much more design potential. Please take a look here for some good ideas.

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