Opal Pendant 4027


Opal Pendant Turtle


Field: Coober Pedy (Australia)


Stone Size: 7×5 mm

Metal: 925 Silver


Shipping: Free

Packaging: Gem pouch


Chain: included

Guarantee: International


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Member: American Opal Society.




This delightful pendant is designed after a sea turtle.


The back is made from carefully selected opal pieces from the Coober Pedy opal fields in Australia.


The chain is mounted to one of the front flippers that the turtle uses for pushing through the water.


So the pendant hangs on an angle, giving the appearance of a turtle in full swimming ‘flight’


Made from opal from the Coober Pedy field fashioned into mosaics.

Out of stock


Opal Pendant- Turtle

Turtle Opal Pendant: Delightful little turtle pendant featuring a brilliant opal from Coober Pedy, Australia opal fields. Set in pure Sterling Silver.

Currently In Stock again only with full stone not mosaic which makes the brilliance even brighter

Turtles are such cute little creates which have been adored by many peoples throughout history but they hold particular attraction to Asian folks who consider them really special.

Opal pendant turtle

Consists of GENUINE AUSTRALIAN OPAL TRIPLET , simulating a turtle shell.

Note: The Opal pendant comes dressed in a really nice velveteen jewelry box or gift pouch and the price of handling and shipping is all included in this price. There is no more to pay. Keep in mind too that our guarantee does not run out in a year. Please take a look at a list of happy customers who have given us some nice references.


  1. Iréne Sohl

    Send me an e-mail, when pendant 4027 is in stock again, please. Very nice! (I live in Sweden.)

    • admin

      Irene, the small turtle pendant is in stock again. peter

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