Opal Pendant 4240

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Opal Pendant featuring a stunning boulder opal from the Winton opal field

This lovely opal is quite large, being 39 x 10 mm which in fractions of an inch is about two inches by five eights of an inch. You can see the brilliant flashes of green blue with a little purple flashing as well.

Along with the color you see the natural presence of its mother, that is, boulder ironstone which is the rock that is mined to find these amazing gems.

In today’s synthetic world many jewelry loves are proudly displaying pieces of mother earth in their natural setting rather than to feature things that are totally symmetrical having been interfered with too much by the hand of man.

This stone demonstrates the evidence of its earthly origins. The process of producing such gems involves a lot of work with diamond blades, grinders, and finishing pastes. The shape of the opal is nearly always influenced by the basic shape of the stone in its natural setting.

The boulder opal pendant in these pictures

is made of 925 sterling silver and you will notice it has a simple free flowing bale at the top, giving the pendant more flexibility and less rigidity when it hangs around a persons neck.

Also notice that the opal is held in by means of a very secure bezel rather than claw set which gives it a nice clean setting that places the emphasis on the opal itself rather than the metal. It also comes with an exclusive sterling silver snake chain.

The price of this opal pendant includes the following:

Free shipping to your door or post office box. Free packaging featuring either a gem pouch or gem box. It also comes with an international guarantee that does not run out in one year. Please have a read of the many comments made about us in our testimonial section.

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